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Invest in your life! – Why top quality photography is beyond the price you pay.

I have just returned from a memorial service.  A memorial of one of my clients.  When I arrived, I presented a box filled with prints for this person’s spouse and family to have. I was informed that while they had the flash drive that contained their final images, they had yet to print even one.  […]

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*Ding* – Turn da Page – My new album

In the digital age of everything there is something great about analog something.  Just about every client I book really wants the digital images.  While these digital files cost a pretty penny, they are worth it.  But most of  folks who get the files, post them of Facebook, maybe order a few prints and then […]

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Digital is cool, but Analog is still old skool

When I started shooting weddings…actually when I started shooting anything on a professional level, digital was king.  Mind you, when I began shooting oh so many years ago, it was film that was king!  I used Polaroid backs on my cameras to check the shot for exposure. Once I nailed it I would throw the […]

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