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The Broad Spectrum Project – Here comes the train

Just when I thought that my son’s train obsession was under control, it’s back again.  Not as bad this time but unfortunately his therapist’s office is DIRECTLY in front of a fucking T stop.  Nice.  I believe that if you let an obsession run its course with him it usually has a short shelf life.  […]

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The Broad Spectrum Project – A Family Vacation and The Boston Globe

As I wrapped up my first trip to Disney World with my kids, an article hit the press about my work with people affected by Autism.  If you want to read the article in The Boston Globe, click HERE!  Anyway, It went viral and I was a tiny bit unprepared for the amount of emails, […]

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Broad Spectrum entry – You think you know but you have know idea!

I’m stalling. I have been for about a year or so. I have needed to start blogging about my photography work with people affected by autism but I haven’t really been able to get myself to do it.  I have blogged a few things from time to time about some of the work, but not […]

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Parent’s just don’t understand!

So here’s the unfortunate deal. I am forced to go under the radar for my reviews and all things kick ass when it comes to this blog. I have received a few not so nice comments from potential clients that I am a “potty mouth” and that they would “NEVER hire me.” To those people, […]

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