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A Study of Burlesque – My ongoing work with the burlesque community

During the “slow season” for wedding photographers – aka the winter months when people in New England don’t normally get married – I try to challenge myself and step outside the box. Basically I give myself a photography assignment. What is great about this is for me, it that it is a fabulous way to […]

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Feel the Funk – How Burlesque Ignited my Creative Spark

I was in a funk. A big funk. I love to shoot what I do, but I felt I needed to step up my game. Many of my friends told me that I need just suck it up and shoot to shoot. I couldn’t snap out of it. I was freshly 46. I was feeling […]

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Brooklyn’s Finest – Angie Pontani and Brian Newman at The Grand Prospect Hall (part one)

Angie Pontani and Brian Newman got married on February 16, 2013 with a ceremony and reception at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn, NY. My BFF Dari lives in Brooklyn, NY. She called me one night and told me I should expect a call from an amazing woman who may need my services as a […]

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Brian and Angie’s Wedding Teasers

Fate brought me to Angie and Brian.  I have thousands of amazing images to edit through. I normally don’t do teaser blog posts but the feedback on my Facebook Fan Page has been so overwhelming that I felt like a little teaser couldn’t hurt.  I have never been emailed by fans, who have been personally […]

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