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Yes, I was a wedding crasher!

This is a confession.  I’m a wedding crasher!  Yup. But only once so don’t hold it against me. My crashing was justified.  It’s a long story, but I’ll try and provide the Reader’s Digest version. Before my life of today, I had about four other lives.  One that I’m really known for was the life […]

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Petterson Wedding

Whew, now that I’m using lightroom to edit my work two things have happened.  One, there is no way in hell that I get to bed before 11:30pm because I’m obsessed.  And two, all my clients will probably get new images mailed to them because they are so much more fantastically dramatic!  This is a […]

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FYI, I’m sticking to my guns

Sorry folks, I just can’t get myself to start a new blog. If you don’t get my humor, my potty mouth, and truly believe that I would actually have the audacity to speak to your kids they way I do in my blog, maybe I’m not the photographer for you. And that’s OK. Why anyone […]

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