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First spring wedding of my season – Kelly and Dan at the Taj

Please don’t laugh when I tell you that this was the year that I decided to finally DVR the last season of Oprah. What does this entry have to do with Oprah? Not much and everything. During her last episode…no, not the one where it was like night of 1001 stars, the actual final episode […]

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I will I will love you in a bathtub – Mark and Colleen’s Willowdale Estate Wedding

I can’t believe I did not blog this wedding sooner! What the hell is wrong with me?  Mark and Colleen, Willowdale Estates, a super in love couple, formals in a bathtub, a balcony for dancing?  What was I waiting for?  I swear, I think I laughed the entire wedding.  Colleen had the most unbelievable sense […]

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