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there’s no way to hide it – i’m a passionate gal. about what? you’ll see it all here.

Pin me baby. – Why I love and loathe Pinterest. (But mostly LOVE)

Note: I wrote this post a couple years ago, when Pinterest had really made it’s mark and changed everything. Say good bye to bookmarking web pages and hello to “Pinning” your life away.  It had taken over the way the wedding world does things. At first it was great…and then….whelp, not so much. I have […]

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The Great Group Shot Approach.

This is a quickie.  Promise. The most challenging part of shooting a wedding if you ask me is NOT…the ceremony, the reception, the getting ready, the lighting (well sometimes that’s tricky), the travel, the long hours, not eating, hot days etc etc.  The hardest part, for me anyway, is coming up with original ideas for […]

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