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Broad Spectrum – It’s not a sunscreen

What is the Broad Spectrum Project? Well I have needed to post a blog about this forever!  I’m so busy between my clients, my kids and my husband I have yet to sit and write a detailed description about it. About a year ago I was approached to collaborate with the Camphill Special Schools in […]

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Broad Spectrum – Andrew

When people find out that I’m a photographer they usually ask me the following questions. 1. How long have you been shooting? 2. Canon or Nikon (Nikon if you must know)  And then they want to know about what model, full frame or crop?  What kind of lenses BLAH BLAH BLAH 3. What do you […]

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The Camphill Special School Project

I’m so happy to announce that I have been chosen to document and help produce the 50th anniversary book for Camphill Special Schools. I could not be more excited about this project! I’m honored and humbled that the director of the program, Guy Alma, asked me. I’m not gonna lie, I had a small foot […]

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