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i’ve got friends in low places… well, all around, really. networking, professional development, and fun with photographer friends near and far.

Going Back To My Roots – My re-entry into Editorial Styled Shoots

First, I lived in Philly. I was a club kid and a professional dancer (not on a pole). I tended bar for money, I traveled, and I lived my 20’s like a true rebel loving life. Then, I lived in Amsterdam. It was beyond what you can imagine (and not for the reasons you think). […]

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Getting Schooled with We are the Parsons

When I was still dancing, the legendary Judith Jameson once said to my dance class, “The minute you think you don’t need to take classes anymore, stop dancing because no one is that good“. I’m a true believer of this statement and try to honor that sentiment with my photography. I find the trick to […]

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Strength in numbers – My experience with Inspire Photo Retreats

Image by the amazing Kate McElwee   Picture this – I’m in the car, driving home from my fourth year at the Inspire Photo Retreats.  Wait – what is Inspire?  Well, it’s a photographer’s conference but it’s more than that.  It’s a retreat, it’s a networking event, and it’s a party!  Something I look forward […]

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Feel the Funk – How Burlesque Ignited my Creative Spark

I was in a funk. A big funk. I love to shoot what I do, but I felt I needed to step up my game. Many of my friends told me that I need just suck it up and shoot to shoot. I couldn’t snap out of it. I was freshly 46. I was feeling […]

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