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On the Waterfront – Lizzie and Robert’s Engagement Session


Lizzie has been hoping to work with me for over 2 YEARS! She found me through a couple I photographed many moons ago. Then, we met up again two years ago at the The Lovesick Expo and just knew we were a perfect fit. But the problem was . . . Lizzie still hadn’t narrowed down a location. I put her wedding on the back burner, hoping that when she and her fiancé, Robert, were ready, I would be free.

Then, this year—out of the blue—I got an email from Lizzie. “Let’s do this!” We had an amazing Skype meeting and realized how much we actually were meant to be.

Then, it was time to talk about their practice session. We met in early February, and they really wanted snow. At that time we had a little on the ground, but there was none on the forecast. (Of course, a couple weeks later, Boston would have its snowiest winter on record!) So we met downtown and grabbed a bite to eat at Pastoral. From there, we snuck into the Renaissance Inn and shot in their enclosed courtyard. Then, we just cruised my absolute favorite part of the city—the Waterfront in Fort Point. I love the shots of the two of them walking arm in arm on the street. I used the famous Bob Dylan Freewheeling album cover for inspiration for this series.

Their wedding is creeping up slowly, and I’m dying for it to get here already. Lizzie & Robert, I can’t wait to celebrate with you!


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