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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Autism Awareness and the 2014 Boston Red Sox

FACT: Owning your own biz is tough FACT: Owning a Not-for-Profit business is damn near impossible. REALITY: Many people know that I have been trying to make a go of it in the nonprofit world. My Broad Spectrum Project was slowly getting its feet off the ground, but it never quite took flight. So it […]

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What Motherhood means to me

Motherhood is…. Mourning the loss of your old life Welcoming in your new one It’s not like the movies It’s really feeling like an adult for the first time It’s trying to maintain a source of identity It’s lonely even when you have a person with you all the time It’s baseball, basketball, running from […]

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The Birthday Gift – Kim and Dave’s Boston City Hall Elopement

Wanna know how much I dig elopements? So much that when I received an email from Kim and her fiance, Dave asking me to shoot their Boston City Hall Elopement on my birthday, my first and only response was, “I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday. I’m so there.” Kim and […]

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