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Yearly Archives: 2012

The Chris Team – Christine and Christopher Squantum Association Wedding in Providence

I have so many clients this year named either Christine or Christopher.  Funny enough, I actually had a couple that were both named Chris!  Christine and Christopher!  Yes, those are their names.  And there wedding was a blast! The approached me last year and requested that they just didn’t want to do the engagement shoot.  […]

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The W stands for Wedding – Jess and Jay get married at The W Hotel Boston

I welcome a challenge.  Grooms can be challenging.  I say, BRING IT ON!  This is why an engagement session AKA “get to know you session” is essential.  It helps when you have people that just aren’t comfortable in front of the camera.  And this was the case with Jessica and Jay and so I insisted […]

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A food colaboration between me and my sweetie -Rob’s gluten free ricotta cookies

Many people know that my husband is a chef.  A GREAT ONE!  Well, at least I think so….and the people lucky enough to eat his food.  He has worked all over.  He studied in Italy, Turkey and England.  He has the greatest mentors ever!  Both women who are strong and gifted beyond belief.  His first […]

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