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The gift!

Every once in a while there comes a client that really helps you find your “voice” or vision. When I decided to open my mind and camera and take on weddings, I was pretty intimidated. This is a one shot deal (so to speak). You have to get it on the first try, unlike kids; you can re-shoot if you have to. Also, I have always found that I’m not your typical New England Photographer, my style is more cutting edge, kinda “Rock ‘n Roll”, bring out the crazy, kind of photographer. So when it came to taking on weddings, I felt like I might be geographically challenged. The first few weddings I shot, with the exception of one, were pretty straightforward. And then there was Kristen and Scott.

I posted their engagement session a while back and have yet to post their wedding photos, until now. This couple did something for me. They gave me a gift. They trusted me. They let themselves be vulnerable. They let me in. And they also gave me complete creative freedom. It is because of them, that I have been able to find other clients like them. Or rather, they have found me. Even if these new couples aren’t as cutting edge looking as Kristen and Scott, they most certainly are mentally. The next few posts are just a few examples of these new couples that have allowed me to enter into their lives and my wedding photography takes a life of it’s own.

Here are some shots from Kristen and Scott’s wedding to start!

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Juan - September 14, 2012 - 7:39 pm

KS – As a weekend wrraior myself, this is an enlightening post, although I have a few things to add:1. Everyone starts off doing $2-3K weddings. But you get what you pay for. Better photographers will charge more. It’s plain economics. And although not everyone can tell the difference between a decent photographer and an artist, some people can. There will always be a market for the talented. And I would venture to guess that pro photographers *prefer* the discerning bride that can tell the difference between average and great.2. Yes, photography *is* expensive, which is why people start off as weekend wrraiors. I bet most/many photographers started out that way. These people (including me) get the experience they need under their belts until they have the skill that justifies leaving their day jobs to become full time pros.3. Long hours: Do they matter if you love what you’re doing and find passion/purpose in it? I’ve always believed that if you land a job that you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

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